Choro Louco

Sunday, Mar. 5, 2017, 2 pm

Brazilian Choro has been around for over a hundred years, but in this country it’s virtually unknown. David Grisman, Mike Marshall and a handful of others have helped introduce the music and the musicians to a larger audience, but it’s still largely under the radar of most music listeners…Its beautiful melodies, complex harmonies, and syncopated rhythms combine elements of European folk and classical, ragtime, jazz, Latin, and African music creating a style that is uniquely Brazilian.

The members of Choro Louco got together a few years ago, to play through some choro tunes, and have been meeting irregularly ever since. They are driven by a love of the music and an interest in learning to play it. None have ever been to Brazil, or have experienced the culture that produces this music, but they’re crazy enough to give it a try…hence the name, Choro Louco…

Carl Dimow, flute and guitar, has played jazz, classical, and klezmer music here and abroad with the Casco Bay Tummlers, and numerous other ensembles. Nicole Rabata, Carl’s former student and now a teacher herself, is best known in celtic music circles, but also plays classical flute with the Colby College orchestra and the Bangor symphony. Joel Eckhaus comes from an old time/jazz/pop/vaudeville background and has applied his knowledge of the ukulele to the Cavaquinho, Brazil’s version of the uke. Kris Day is perhaps the hardest working bass player in Portland with bluegrass, rockabilly, jazz, and rock bands booking up his evenings and teaching at Buckdancers Choice Music during the day. Eric Winter, who speaks and sings in both Spanish and Portuguese, plays pandeiro (the Brazilian tambourine) and percussion.

Choro Louco first performed in December 2013 and have been gaining a following with their shows at Portland’s Blue, on Congress st. on the 2nd tuesdays of the month.

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